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New On-Line Belly Dance Course!!!


~Technique & Drills
~Angie's Recommendations for Music, DVDs, Books, etc.
~Mudras (yogic hand positions)
~Ab Strengtheners
~Self-Empowerment Rituals
~Belly Dance History Lessons
~Costumes & Jewelry Tips
~Short Performance

Practice in the privacy of your own home on your own time!

Between Feb. 15 & March 29/2018, you will receive 7 lessons
(every Thursday) of pre-recorded videos plus articles, photos, etc.

Watch a clip of Angie Oriana Jenkins dance!

After February 1/2018: $100
Send Interac E-Transfer to:
Security Question: What is your cat's name?
Answer: Elderberry

*Can also accept PayPal, credit cards, cheques, & cash
(some fees may apply)




IMPORTANT CLASS INFO (For in-person classes only!)

*Register for whole session only, though I do reserve the right to grant individual classes to employees/friends of Sister Lotus.
*Class cost stays the same even if you start mid-session or miss classes.
*Please check your e-mail regularly in case of class cancellation.
*Snow policy:  Classes will generally be held during storms unless there is an advisory to stay off the roads.  Make-up classes are offered in such an event.  
*Bring to class:  yoga mat or blanket for stretching, drinking water (we will sweat!), hip scarf if you have one (I also provide them), and your good energy!
*What to wear:  something that makes you feel comfy and beautiful (yes the two can go together!).  Yoga/stretchy pants are recommended for the stretching portion of class (some choose to put a skirt over top which can be removed as needed).  It's fun to add jewelry (optional).  
*Please wear natural /unscented body & hair care products only since some, including your teacher, may be sensitive to synthetic smells.  Sister Lotus products are a great alternative;)


Attended Classes with Asmira, Farideh, Sabah, Christina Bates, Tara, Ishra,
Jill Parker, Mira Betz

Attended Workshops with:  Lynette Harper, Rahma Haddad, Selma, Yasmena Ramzy, Suhailia Salimpour, Samantha Emmanuel, Ariellah, Jahlilah Zamora, Sadie, Elizabeth Strong, Rachel Brice, Sharon Kihara, Shakira,
Rose Harden, Kami Liddle

Attended Teacher Training with:  Hadia

Troupe History: Zincali, EnTrance Dance Collaborative, Oriana & the Trippy Gypsies, Oriana & the Gypsy Island Dancers, Sister Lotus Belly Dance

Performed with:  Za'tar, Adham Shaikh,Cheb i Sabbah, Shai-k Yerbooty,
Ganga Giri, Delhi2Dublin, Jef Stott, Sunyata, Kris LeDrew, Aaron Ableman,
Shea Tompkins, Andy & Ariana, Rio Samaya, Jaffa Road, Kirtan Soul Revival,
Ken Shorley, Blue Lotus, Boxcar Boys

Contact Us:  902-680-8839


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