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*A detailed examination of your health history via

Zoom, Skype, or Messenger.

Takes approximately 1 hour.

*The receipt of your Complete Health Programme

1-2 weeks later. 

Recommendations include Herbs, Dietary Changes, Nutritional Supplements, Homeopathic Remedies, Bach Flower Remedies, Affirmations, Yoga Poses, etc. 

*A custom-made Herbal Tea Blend (if applicable).

*Continued communication for questions and support.

Fee: $100

If tea needs to be shipped: $112



Mini Consultations for Acute Issues


*10-15 minute Virtual Consultation (Skype, Facebook Messenger)

*Herbal Tea Blend (if applicable)

*Other recommendations

Fee: $40

If tea needs to be shipped: $50


To set up an appointment: email

or call 902-680-8839

*All Appointments must be pre-paid*

Cancellation Policy:

I deeply value my time & my hope is you will too.

If given 24 hours notice, we can reschedule at

no extra cost to you.

Less than 24 hours notice, we can reschedule

at an extra $20.

No shows/no contact by the time of appointment:

no refunds or rescheduling.

Late? I will wait 15 minutes for you. After that,

no appointment or refund.


 *Herbal Medicine Classes with Carol McGrath in Victoria, B.C.

*Herbal Apprenticeship with Betty Norton in Victoria, B.C.

*Science and Art of Herbalism Course with Rosemary Gladstar of Sage Mountain Herbal Center in Vermount

*Attended "Self-Healing with Traditional & Indigenous Plants" Workshop with Native Elder Herbalist, Theresa Thorne in Duncan, B.C.

*Attended Herb Workshop with Ryan Drum, Victoria, B.C.

*Attended Various Seminars given by Dr.Terry Williard, creator of Wild Rose Herbs

*Attended Various Seminars given by Sam Graci, creator of Greens +

*Attended Various Seminars given by Dr. Michael Colgan, Sports Nutritionist and Author

*Former Retail Herbalist at Good Nature Market, Victoria, B.C.

*Former Retail Herbalist at Capers, Victoria, B.C.

*Former Health Shelf Manager at Thrifty Foods, Victoria, B.C.

*Former Retail Herbalist at Salt Spring Natureworks, Salt Spring Island, B.C.

*Creator of "HerbCraft" Herb Classes, Salt Spring Island, B.C.

*Creator of "The Goddess Series", workshops that honour various goddesses through Herbal Activities, Belly Dance, Ritual, and Crafts, Salt Spring Island, B.C.

*Attended Homeopathy Classes with Jamie Capranos, Salt Spring Island, B.C.

*Former On-Site Herbalist at Avalon Gardens, Black Rock, N.S.

*Creator of Sister Lotus: Body Care Products , Belly Dance, and Herbal Education

*Attended "Reading the Body" Workshop with Herbalist Margi Flint, Halifax, N.S.

*Intro to Shamanic Herbalism with Darcey Blue

*Attended Sacred Earth Medicine Retreat in

Aravaipa Canyon, Arizona (Shamanic Herbalism)

Published Articles:

"Lhe'wuthur Sihe'Xun (Self-Healing with Traditional & Indigenous Plants), Good Nature Market Newsletter:

"Kava Kava", Hegemony Shift:

"Women's Herbs: Spring Up Everywhere", Capers Newsletter:

Articles Written about My Herbal Work:

"Life, Health, Meaning in a Garden" by Heather Dyke, Kings County Register, July 16, 2009:

Contact Me: 902-680-8839

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